Dom Brasil is now DOM CUISINE! Why?

Dom Brasil is now DOM CUISINE! Why?

We realized that the name Dom Brasil is not so easy to pronounce by people of other nationalities, hence the subtle change. You can rest easy! We are still the same company, managed by the same people, with the typical Brazilian seasoning and flavor that everyone loves!

Will the owners change?

No! No way!

Manu and Fabiano are still ahead of Dom Cuisine!

What else can we expect with the site change?

Dom Brasil has always been known by the community for being an innovative, welcoming company with a food to lick your lips!

DOM CUISINE will be even better.

  • New packages with mixed products. So that all customers have access to discounts and advantages that fit in your pocket and in your routine!
  • New specials. We will take the traditional Brazilian seasoning that has been used for so long in our kitchen to another level. Reinterpretation of foreign dishes, dishes chosen by our customers, and much more!
  • Launch of the new Dom Cuisine subscription. Lots of news for our faithful customers and friends. More details coming soon… A better user experience. We've added numerous features to our new website to completely transform your shopping experience!
  • And so much more...
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